Our Team of Trainers & Lecturers

We teach with love and passion!

Leading Master Trainer

Managing Director and Alround Talent of the Permanent Beauty Industry Martina Silly-Gaube

Martina Silly-Gaube

Permanent Make-up, BB-Glow, Microneedling/MESO, Scalp Optic Hair, cosmetician, sworn expert

Master Trainer

Master Trainer Werner Tometschek for permanent make-up, scalp optic hair, microblading, areola pigmentation, scar retouching

Werner Tometschek

Permanent Make-up, Scalp Optic Hair, Microblading,
areola pigmentation and scar retouching

Master Trainer Maria Rossmann for permanent make-up, microblading, BB-Glow, microneedling/MESO, areola pigmentation, natural cosmetician

Maria Rossmann

Permanent make-up, Microblading, BB-Glow, Microneedling/MESO, areola pigmentation and natural beautician

Master Trainer and World Champion Dr. Christian Strasser for Scalp Optic Hair and paraMED

Dr. Christian Strasser

Scalp Optic Hair, paraMED

Master Trainer Sonja Schüch for Lashes and Permanent Make-up

Sonja Schüch

Eyelash extensions, Permanent Make-up


Trainer Silvia Eigl for permanent make-up

Silvia Eigl

Permanent Make-up

Trainer Rafael Peter Mischewski for paraMED and Scalp Optic Hair

Rafael Peter Mischewski

paraMEDizin, Scalp Optic Hair

Trainer Lisa Özalp for Microblading, Lashes and Scalp Optic Hair

Lisa Özalp

Scalp Optic Hair, paraMED

Trainer Bianca Denk for Tattoo

Bianca Denk


Trainer Bernhard Manke for permanent make-up and microblading

Bernhard Manke

Permanent Make-up, Microblading 

Trainer Nina Christian for eyelashes and microneedling

Nina Christian

Eyelash extension, Microneedling

Trainer Carolin Exenberger for permanent make-up and microblading

Carolin Exenberger

Permanent Make-up, Microblading 

Trainer Dr. Johann Neger for medicine and anatomy

Dr. Johann Neger

Medicine, Anatomy for Eyelashes

Trainer Jutta Wilkemeyer for permanent make-up, microblading, microneedling and scalp optic hair

Jutta Wilkemeyer

Permanent Make-up, Microblading, Microneedling, Scalp Optic Hair 

Allround Trainer Ena Kamberi

Ena Kamberi

Permanent Make-up, Microblading, paraMED, Scalp Optic Hair, BB-Glow, Microneedling

Trainer Alev Strempler for BB-Glow

Alev Strempler


Trainer Nives Versa for permanent make-up, microblading, microneedling, paraMED and SOH

Nives Versa

Permanent Make-up, Microblading, Microneedling, paraMED, Scalp Optic Hair 

Trainer Dr. Gertrude Hamader for medicine and anatomy

Dr. Gertrude Hamader

Medicine, Anatomy for eyelashes

Trainer Jurgita Germaniene for PMU and SOH

Jurgita Germaniene  

Permanent Make-up, Scalp Optic Hair 

Trainer Lena Straznicky for SOH, Microblading and Lashes

Lena Straznicky 

Scalp Optic Hair, Microblading, Eyelash extensions

Trainer Dr. Katharina Schwab for medicine and anatomy

Dr. Katharina Schwab 

Medicine, Anatomy for eyelashes

Trainer Dr. Claudia Enichlmaier for general medicine and occupational medicine

Dr. Claudia Enichlmaier 

General & occupational medicine

Trainer Birgit Haas for Lashes, BB-Glow and Microneedling

Birgit Haas 

Lashes, BB-Glow, Microneedling

Trainer Monika Cetin for permanent make-up and microblading

Monika Cetin 

Permanent Make-up, Microblading 

Trainer Petra Brandstetter for PMU and Microblading

Petra Brandstetter 

Permanent Make-up, Microblading 

Trainer Abril Peltz for BB-Glow

Abril Peltz 


Trainer Nina Reyes for permanent make-up

Mag. Nina Reyes 

Permanent Make-up 

Trainer Bernie Luther for Tattoo

Bernie Luther


Trainer Sabrina Vögl for Lashes

Sabrina Vögl 


Trainer Lydia Grimas for Piercing

Lydia Grimas


Trainer Dr. Vilma Gurresch for medicine and anatomy

Dr. Vilma Gurresch, MAS 

Medicine, Anatomy for eyelashes

Trainer Stefanie Koch for permanent make-up and BB-Glow

Stefanie Koch 

Permanent Make-up, BB-Glow 

Trainerin Aysegül Karakoc für BB-Glow und Permanent Make-up

Aysegül Karakoc

BB-Glow, Permanent Make-up

Trainer Monika Nosofsky-Welser for PMU, Microblading and Lashes

Monika Nosofsky-Welser 

Permanent Make-up, Microblading, Lashes

Trainer Dilek Yigit for PMU, Microblading and Nano Brow

Dilek Yigit

Permanent Make-up, Microblading, NanoBrow

Trainer Vesta Molienė for PMU, Microbladung, paraMED and SOH

Vesta Molienė

Permanent Make-up, Microblading, paraMED & Scalp Optic Hair

Trainer Hatice Selamet for permanent make-up

Hatice Selamet

Permanent Make-up

Trainer Claudia Vanicek-Wixinger for permanent make-up

Claudia Vanicek-Wixinger 

Permanent Make-up

Trainer Dr. Ulrike Ertl for medicine and anatomy

Dr. Ulrike Ertl

Medical trainings

Trainer Dr. Christian Granig for medicine and anatomy

Dr. Christian Granig

Medical trainings

Trainer Nicole Mayer for Lashes

Nicole Mayer


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